What makes the Little Devils unique?

Although they have been under development since early November, the Little Devils are finally preparing to enter the Solana NFT World, and you may question what differentiates them from other NFT collections released daily? This article will summarise the Little Devils’ very own P2E game where you can earn a passive income no matter how long you play.

After minting, the beta testing for the game will almost instantly begin to selected holders and members of the DAO, and they will have the chance to enjoy the game for free, while also exclusively generating money through the game. The game has been designed under the basis of combining fun with finance ; allowing players to be rewarded for their efforts in game.

What is the game all about?

The game is a revolves around breeding, where holders will be able to show off their unique devils as well as tend them to level them up and unlock multiple styles, in game cosmetics and be featured on the XP leader board. All players will have the ability to offer trades to each other, and if both sides agree, swap items / abilities. The in game devils and pets will be grouped into multiple categories based on level and rarity. The game will also have many VIP lounges for members of the dao to hang out, as well as increased rewards for members of the dao.

How will we get paid?

Players will be paid through our very own token, $DEVIL. Shortly after the beta is launched, we will start rolling out airdrops of the token to holders as well as rewarding it in game. Players will have the option to cash out their XP in game for tokens as well as sell pets to others for the token.

That’s all for today, although we will release teasers of the game in the coming days, and if you have any questions reach out to us through our Discord or Twitter!




Solana Based NFT Collection

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Little Devils

Little Devils

Solana Based NFT Collection

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